blake-matthewWelcome, I’m Blake Matthew (LinkedIn). I do the Search Engine Optimisation here. SEO Genetics is the premier search engine marketing firm in Sydney. Why did you land here? you’re here, because like only 41% of the businesses in our city, you’re taking action on what you’ve read about – the seismic change in the air to modern marketing.

Print media advertising and the Yellow Pages have died mostly, and the ROI of an SEO Consultant is incredible compared to billboards, radio and print media. Today, it’s all about Google, the search Goliath, and you may be looking for a break through so your business can be found once your customers search.

Unlike the other half of business owners, you’ve decided to think ahead of them about the Google search engine as a platform for you to use as an advertising engine, and your business’ growth engine for 2016 and into the future. As long as internet use and online ad spending continue to meet growth projections, the Google economy is going to exponentially expand like it has been. That means there will be competition in your industry as our city’s population increases, more competitors jamming the Adwords network to shoe-horn early profitability, and you need an edge over them. SEO Consulting accomplishes that when you’re set to rank in the top search results. Call 0407 773 779 to chat with me about your SEO.

Google optimisation for your website is for the smart investor; the Adwords network is a quick and easy start-engine. Since 90%+ of our country is now using Google as the third half of their brain, it makes sense to come up in the top #5 results. We rank all of our clients in the top #5 results. To date, all are ranking in the top #1 to #3 results.




They Offer First Page SEO, I Offer A Top 5 Rank.

Google is a sophisticated 24/7 marketplace. How much of the business are you getting?

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Search Engine Optimisation

When searching for an SEO Consultant, you want someone to improve your rank and profitability, who works with proven techniques when building trust with Google, and when your website is right at your new customers fingertips, your business grows. We’re also part of a tight-knit community of the world’s best SEOs.

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Google Analytics

We can implement, analyse, and track your data. Delivering fresh insights into the behaviour and activity of your users, their demographic and interests, and the use of this information to drill down on relevant traffic keywords. Using analytics code we can capture accurate data on your new and returning customers.

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Have your Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign managed and optimised to temporarily improve your paid advertising ROI while we increase your visibility on Google. With network options including the Search, Display, and Search with Display Select networks. Ask us about Retargeting advertising campaigns.

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Move your business onto the busiest streets of Google.

With Search Engine Optimisation, We Position Websites At The Top.

Optimisation Means New Customers.

In 2013, Smartphone use reached 84% in the Australian population. The majority of these people search daily for businesses. Because most Google users only click on the top 5 organic search results, and they’re tired of being bombarded with paid advertising – being in the top natural results has never been a more desirable marketing goal. That’s SEO results – organic traffic. For you, that means customers for free (no acquisition cost). We place clients onto Page 1 and move them into the top spots, as statistics have shown 9/10 people searching never look beyond page 1 of Google and most people click the top 5 results when searching.

As you know, Google is the keystone of the internet. For this reason, SEO Genetics helps Australian businesses rank on Google for their money keywords, as an SEO Consultant Sydney based. Because of the internet, we have limitless international stretch. Though, most of our clientele is in NSW, WA and Victoria.


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