I first learned about a rather interesting and rare method of how to get “fat” links for free, on normal thematic resources, from Mikhail Shakin.

Then I took various paid foreign SEO courses – Backlinko, Chris Makara (Rank XXL) and learned in great detail about this method. Here I cannot tell you about what I learned from paid education in detail – it would not be entirely correct, especially since Mikhail Shakin told about it already in his article. Read on.

In the bourgeois there are no open link exchanges like ours, link building is very difficult. Therefore, they actively use guest posting, outreach, networking with bloggers, and extremely high-quality content, “super-content” that is easily promoted precisely due to its format, strengthening links with social and link pyramids, as well as such schemes as link building on broken links, or links to infographics are not the easiest diagrams.

Mikhail Shakin described in great detail how he works using this technique in his article “How to get high-quality links for free – my new way”

All you need for this is time for negotiations and the opportunity to write or order really high-quality content for your site yourself.

Links are obtained: firstly, free, secondly, eternal.

In addition, it often turns out to put links on the most spam-free and trusted sites that do not sell them or publish guest posts.

I have not yet used this method yet due to lack of time, but after I found out about it, I began to see such opportunities from time to time. They are.

And the second detailed guide in the article from TexTerra – “How to use broken link building : 5 real examples”

The essence of link building on broken links is as follows:

1. Search the Internet for suitable sites for your requests . Most often, for these purposes in a search engine, a query is set + something like “useful links”, “recommended links”, “useful resources”, etc. Because in such assemblies, external links are most often put, and in such assemblies where there are many links, they will most likely be broken.

2. Scan someone else’s resource for broken links – for example, the easiest way to do this is using the free Xenu program.

3. Agree privately with the author . How to do this, see more details from Mikhail Shakin or in the article below.

Your content that you offer to the author instead of the one that was on the broken link (what exactly was there, you can also look at the Web Archive) should be better than the old one. He has to be cool. Only then is there a lot of chances that it will work.

In general, better work on different types of sites from the TOP Base. How best to do this, I described in detail in this article – “How and where to promote your site for free in order to get the maximum result. We use the full potential of the TOP Base “

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