Today I saw a compressed text version of the report of the well-known SEO specialist Sergey Koksharov at the SEMPRO 2022 promotion conference in Kyiv, which took place a week ago, on March 12, 2022. Sergey always has very good articles and reports, it is not for nothing that he was named the best SEO blogger in the past years. I recommend that you regularly visit his blog and subscribe to him. True, what will be discussed below is not his article, but a text feed of his live report from the conference and is posted on

Also on this blog, I have and will be adding a special page of Sergei Koksharov , which gathers all SEO conferences, other events in which he took part, free videos, his useful articles and tips, and other things.

In this report, Sergei said something new for me, reminded me of something, but some topics should be promoted and applied.

So, everything that will be discussed below, with additional details, as set out in the article “SEO Tips You May Not Know About”. I highly recommend reading it carefully in its entirety. There are many times more other useful points.

I will dwell in more detail on eight points that are closest to me personally and seem, in general, the most interesting and trendy for website promotion. So, let’s take a look at some SEO tricks from Sergey Koksharov.

1. Removing the publication date from the page.

Mikhail Shakin just recently described in detail in a separate article.

I, too, after reading Sergey’s article, have now removed the dates in this blog. most posts have no statute of limitations. I did it all in the theme settings with one click. If we are talking about an event, then I already have a habit of indicating the year for those visitors who will come here in the distant future, so they will understand what date we are talking about.

Here’s my example: I looked at the results in Google for a number of queries on my sites and saw that the date really interferes in my case, even for the behavioral factor:

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3. The naturalness of the texts will help in ranking

All my articles on this site have an average naturalness of 80%. after all, I find it difficult to do without the frequent use of specific terms and the same words. But in general, you need to strive for a 90-95% indicator of naturalness.

I also have data that more natural text is worth better. For over-optimized (even a little) texts, the same Yandex often imposes prefilters. You seem to be moving, but then you get stuck at 20-30 positions and, even using link, behavioral, and commercial factors, you can’t move up.

But naturally, all the basic elements of optimization must be remembered. Here we are talking a little about something else.

4. Place yourself a neighboring link from yours to an authoritative resource

tagging). Of course, the terms are worth making unique texts. Which, in principle, is not so difficult if you understand the topic or hire a normal specialist and not an SEO copywriter who writes watery texts about the same thing.

For me, for example, it would definitely be worthwhile to make a dictionary of SEO terms on this blog to attract an additional audience. Because I know my audience – my blog is designed primarily for beginners in SEO or for those who are already averagely versed in website promotion but may not know a number of terms.

Here’s an example from me: in the Google search for Allsubmitter on the second page there is a dictionary from Seopult.

Once again, a link to the article where you can read all the SEO tricks from Sergey Koksharov.

What are your thoughts on all these nuances?

I also suggest watching a video of Sergei Koksharov’s speech at the free online conference SEO Day on February 17, 2022, entitled “What will happen to SEO in 2022?”


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