This post will be small, but very useful for many, for some it may even become a turning point. Several important points that help me write a blog quickly and some good articles, a lot of ideas – what to write about. And also – why do it.

Perhaps you are a good expert at something and can monetize it through a blog.

Or just (like me) you have a strong desire to talk about your thoughts about work or life in your personal blog – this is just one of the areas of application of the blog.

Or you have an online store, a corporate website. Now it is an effective solution to make corporate blogs. I highly recommend it.

It is best to make a blog on the same domain as your site, so that by pumping each individual article with links and social signals, increasing the number of thematic pages, improving behavioral factors, you would simultaneously improve the host and other factors of the domain as a whole.

Why is a Corrupt Blog Needed?

The main thing: you promote your main corporate website or online store by commercial requests, and your blog – by information requests.

And you link them together, in the blog you try to make the visitor understand in every possible way that you can not only tell him something useful, but also help him with services or goods, make illustrations for articles in the form of your goods, make linking on the building. a site and some blocks, inserts that draw attention to the main site and convert a visitor who came for information requests into a buyer.

Because promoting one page at the same time for commercial and information requests is not effective. Doesn’t work, don’t do it.

And in the search results for inform. it is information projects and portals that usually go to requests. I will make a separate post about commercial and information requests, but for now about something else.

Here I wrote in great detail about corporate blogs – why, what and how .

Ideally, make at least a few “super-articles” of a certain type and work with them proactively. I wrote about the secret of easy and effective promotion with such content here .

What helps me write a blog quickly

1. Any thought that comes to me during a conversation or reading profile materials, or during work, I immediately write down in “Drafts” right in the admin panel on the site (I have WordPress, this is conveniently implemented here). Often I just copy a conversation with someone from Skype or ICQ, or links and pieces of those articles that I plan to use.

By the way, one more life hack – I have the Speed ​​Dial extension for Google Chrome. The number of bookmarks is set to the maximum and I can quickly go to the admin panel of any of my sites, or just to the site, or to the most frequent page of any site, in social networks, mail, affiliate programs, somewhere else. And I just don’t know how to live without him)

137 Universal Blog Ideas: A Lifetime Content Plan

A very good post from SEOProfy “Lifebuoy for the blogger. 55 ideas when you have absolutely nothing to write about “

They also have a good article – “8 myths about content”

4. How to write if not written

Just write. It is recommended to write all sorts of nonsense , up to and including “Mom was washing the frame” – whatever, any stream of words, just start. Also, do something else from what you will still do for this article – such as preparing pictures for the post, starting to select tags and categories, picking up useful articles, or something else.

Write chunks of thoughts that you want to say. Imagine that your friend sat down in front of you and asks, “Well, why did you want to tell me on this topic?”

Write while you are energetically at your best . There is a good book Productive Ninja. Work better, get more, love what you do. ” This is where this thought is described in detail about the fact that we experience different states during the day and often do not think about it, use the best state in the worst way, or try to squeeze something out of an extremely unproductive state, during which we need to rest or do some then by mechanical work.

Writing articles is best in the morning. Allocate a block of time for yourself when you clear your browser bookmarks, put on your headphones, shut out the world, and do nothing else. Disconnect your mobile phone.

Learn to get into the flow. Read books by Mihai Csikszentmihalyi . Make sure your stream is not interrupted. Protect him from this – remove external and internal reasons. Put things in order, turn off the internet, remove anything that might distract you.

Provide yourself with programs that help you write and not get distracted. There are many programs for writers, for copywriters , which make the work easier in every possible way.

What tricks and hacks do you have to write productively and quickly? )


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