One of the really important points that many for some reason “forget” is maintaining a file where you record all the changes that you make on the most promoted site or some external SEO measures that you used.

I suggest that you just take and create such a file right now, if it does not exist.

If there is, but it is abandoned – think why? Wrong format? Actions not structured? Is there no shortcut to the file in a prominent, convenient place?

You can do it in the Excel format and make columns there, for example:

– Date
– Technical edits on the site
– Content
– Internal work (linking, optimization)
– Reference
– PR, online sales
– Social networks
– Behavioral factors, increasing conversion, usability (actions on the site aimed at the visitor)
– Commercial factors

you can make fewer fields by combining some. Everything is at your discretion.

In addition to clarity, this table will really show how much and what you are doing with the site, remove your illusions and stimulate real activities to promote it.

With the help of such a file in the future, you can easily identify what action brought an unexpected (or expected) improvement, deterioration, you can consciously press the lever at the right point, or, on the contrary, do not take this anymore, roll back.

If a freelance specialist conducts SEO work for you – give him such a task – to maintain this file.

Mikhail Shakin had a good article on how he organizes information when promoting sites . There is also about such a file, the ability to download an example file for a like or tweet of an article, and a lot more useful for organizing work.

He has a file that is more specific for individual pages. Yes, this is great for small to medium sized sites. For different projects, I think the file structure will be slightly different. With large portals, it is difficult to maintain a file where the work on each article is recorded.

You can still track changes in SEO projects, write down some new ideas and plans in the “personal information manager” – here I have an overview of my favorite program in my blog .

What experience do you have in this direction? Maybe you have already developed some of your own tricks, hacks, important nuances?


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