If you have a content (information) project and you would like to make money on it, or if you only plan to make money on something, then sooner or later you will probably come to CPA and, in particular, to affiliate programs of goods and services.

This topic is very broad. I want to talk about how to quickly start in CPA, show one of the fairly simple schemes on how to start making money on your website on affiliate networks.

CPA is “click per action”. This “action” can be anything – buying, downloading an application, registering in a game, on a website, buying insurance or airline tickets, taking a loan, etc.

Therefore, they can be in a variety of areas – finance, automotive, construction and repair, computer and household appliances, shopping for clothes and shoes, baby products, information products, tourism, games, health and much more.

CPA can bring more than context (Google Ansense, YAN).

But at the same time, CPA is more complicated than with the context , which “just hangs up and works”. Of course, in the context, something needs to be changed – constantly testing the number, location, appearance of ad units on the website pages, and so on.

With affiliate programs, you need to put your head on more, test different affiliate programs more.

If there are only 2 main contextual advertising networks – Google and Yandex (you can also hang, for example, teasers), then in CPA we have:

1) several of the largest affiliate networks that unite advertisers (or just any company with which you can negotiate a partnership). The largest partner network –

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This post is about making money on content projects (on information sites). And fortunately, Admitad (the partner network I work with) has a separate training area, free seminars are regularly held and their recordings are posted on their Youtube channel .

So, you can learn this completely free of charge, understand the essence, create and fill such a site practically free of charge. The entry threshold here is minimal. You don’t need hundreds and thousands of dollars for testing, as is needed in classic arbitration. All it takes is your time. Or investments, if done by someone else’s hands.

How it works with product affiliate programs on content projects:

There are 3 options:

– make a showcase of partner goods
– make a coupon
– make a simple informational project with news articles

And the best option is a combination of all three.


– you buy (inexpensively) and put on a good, powerful enough hosting “engine” of a coupon or product showcase . There are a number of options – CPASoft (the most common for Admitad, they have both a product showcase and an engine for a coupon), plugins for WordPress, and other solutions.

– pull on it a nice design + various convenient modifications such as “new”, “popular” blocks, various convenient blocks on the main page (by design there are several companies that do this, I think Beshop is the most beautiful and well-laid out, but it would be better to agree on the individual revision of the design and modules), in general, you are making a full-fledged online store.

– fill it with partner goods (everything is quite simply filled in by itself by importing it into the engine using the partners’ links)
You can fill it with whatever you want – auto-video equipment, computers, everything for the office – stationery, office equipment, equipment for presentations, dishes and kitchen utensils, electronics, household appliances, construction equipment and materials, or if you want – clothes, shoes, accessories of the best brands.

– if you do not want to put yourself a showcase or a coupon , or affiliate programs that suit you – these are services or online services, games or something that cannot be placed in the catalog, then you just start posting some articles and news on the topic and put direct lines inside the material links to affiliate products – text links or on images, photographs. Below there is a link to the report of Roman Shiryaev (Puzat) at his conference “Kinza-2022” on how you can earn millions on just one article with a partner link on an information project.

– and start promoting your project . Content, optimization, linking, links, social networks, new improvements on the site, etc.

Collect keywords, post thematic content on your website – news, articles, reviews, other pages and texts – about delivery, brands, stores, etc. All this is taught at free Admitada seminars, links to videos below.

The main pitfall of this whole scheme is to drive cards into the index of Yandex and Google. Here the following measures are desirable: normal automatic optimization of cards, if you come up with something like uniqueness of cards, adding text. acceleration of indexing, placing links to cards. But they are really driven out and bring targeted traffic even with minimal actions, I have already checked on myself.

As a result, the target audience comes to the pages. A person goes to a partner’s website – for example, some of the largest online store on the Runet with a huge assortment and for his purchases you are charged a percentage or a flat rate.

The rates and percentages are different. Serdnyaya – about 400 rubles for a completed purchase. It happens about 10% for a purchase – i.e. if a person bought for 5-10 thousand rubles, you get 500-1000 rubles of interest. Sometimes there is a higher percentage or a larger purchase. My largest purchase from one person so far was for 6 thousand rubles of my interest, of which 2 thousand were confirmed after 2 months (read about the delay – hold below).

The conversion rate depends on a lot. But on average, one purchase is obtained for about 500-1000 visitors.

Of course, many people work without content projects – they post links with the same

I think this is the most basic and most motivating workshop.

In the same place, on the Admitad video channel page , watch other seminars by Alexey Terekhov and other specialists – in particular, admitad product showcases – Correcting errors, Non-standard traffic sources for CPA tasks, and others .

Alexey Terekhov (previously just a well-known SEO blogger, and already a couple of years as a PR director of Admitad) writes a lot on this topic in his blog . When you have a showcase, you can also agree and add to the private chat on Skype.

From the fresh, look first of all the following reports of the conference “Kinza 2022” (you can find them here in the videos)

– Alexey Terekhov – PR-director of AdmitAD Case. – “Conversion of low-frequency traffic of content projects on CPA offers”

– Roman Shiryaev – Internet businessman, author of the – Case project. “How to make a million on one of the pages of an information site”

Some nuances that you need to know about in advance:

1. To have at least some more or less tangible traffic, your site must have hundreds (better than a thousand) articles or tens and hundreds of thousands of products. Better both. You will need to be patient. This is an investment, and if you don’t have time to do the content yourself, you will have to spend money on a copywriter, possibly other expenses. I make one high-quality article, if I myself and from scratch, then from 3 to 5 hours on average.

2. Both admitad and especially cpasoft have some glitches or shortcomings. All this is either decided by the developer, or you get by with some additional solutions.

3. There are some difficulties when working with thousands of partner goods at clothing and footwear stores – new collections are constantly arriving there, old ones are being sold out and they quickly disappear from “in stock”, there are some problems with imports. But in most cases, again, either some solutions are already provided, or you can invent and order the development of your own ideas.

4. The admitad and its advertisers have a large hold (delay in order processing) – an average of 2 months. Some of the ordered goods fall off (the person did not confirm). You will not receive your money until everything is received by the buyer, verified by Admitad, etc. I don’t know how it is in other affiliate networks.

In general, in short, that’s all. There is a lot of extended interesting information – in the videos on the links above.

If you just have an online store and you want to increase sales, I also highly recommend listening to the videos of the admin, since in fact, the schemes are all the same. You can also drive traffic to your own online store.


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