External links


An external link (back link) is a mention of your site on other resources (blogs, informational sites, social networks, commercial resources, etc.) in the form of a clickable message or URL with which they can go to your site users.

External links in SEO carry a very important meaning and not one optimizer sees his promotion strategy without this element. Links help in ranking and significantly contribute to the promotion of your site, because the resources. The more high-quality resources link to you, the more people refer to your site and recommend it, the more chances you have to bypass competitors in search results. Of course, links are not a panacea for all diseases, but without them, sometimes, you cannot achieve the desired results.

In the article, we will try to highlight in detail all the possible subtleties and myths associated with external links and methods of obtaining them, as well as the dangers that may lie in wait for an inexperienced webmaster in this process.

Introductory terminology


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