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About Backlink Checker

Backlinks are one of the fundamental tools for website promotion. Therefore, their verification and analysis make up the lion's share in the audit of any site.They affect rankings, traffic and website revenue, which means they need to be closely monitored.


Sometimes it becomes necessary to analyze the backlinks (backlinks) of competitors in order to calculate the budget for promoting a request to the top, determine the competition, or simply spy on the promotion schemes of other sites.

A webmaster can have many reasons for checking backlinks, which means there are services to automate this process. There are both paid and free solutions. Also on the seo market there are services for parsing backs using accounts in these paid services.


Backlink Checker Services


Each service has its own errors, each of them has a different degree of relevance of the presented data, but the overall picture can be seen quite calmly with any of them. Below are the most popular services today with which you can check your site for backlinks.

1. Ahrefs

Today it is the best backlink checker service with very powerful functionality. But despite the paid service for this service, some functions can be used for free (after registration). By the way, the cheapest tariff in this service can be taken for 79 bucks. Expensive but worth it.


Here you can not only find sources of backlinks to your site, but also view the anchors of these links, analyze positions, and find the most popular pages of your site. You can also take advantage of numerous tricks that will help you in analyzing the site's link mass.

If you want to consider the link in the most detail and skillfully manage it, then this service was created especially for you, real professionals.

2. Majesticseo

The second most popular Western-made service, which also has great potential for analysis and has a large up-to-date database. The results in terms of backtracking are already worse here, but the data is very close to real.


This service is also paid, the minimum tariff will cost you 47 evergreens.

3. Solomono

This is a Russian service for checking backlinks, which has already become popular with many webmasters. All the beauty lies in its simplicity and free of charge. It has an impressive domain base that is updated every 3 months.


If you need small reports and you are not engaged in professional analysis of links to sites, then this service is ideal for you.

4. Ya.Webmaster

This well-known panel for webmasters also allows you to spy on backlinks to your site. In addition, here you can definitely find out about the indexing of your links by the Yandex search engine.


Here you can download all backlinks as an archive, see the number of referring domains and the total number of links. The only drawback of this free tool is the impossibility of recognizing the backs of a competitor's site.

5. Google WT

A similar dashboard for webmasters from Google can also help you in identifying the link to your sites. You can get reports similar to those provided by Yandex. There is also the option to download all links in an archive in document format for Excel.


Don't be surprised if you see more links to your site here than in Ya.VM. This is due to the fact that Google always sees more, including various scripts and redirects. Here you can count on the relevance of the data, but forget about analyzing competitors' sites.

All of the above listed backlink checking services are far from the only ones, but I have tried to collect here for you the most popular and really useful ones. You are free to choose which service to use. It all depends on your requirements and skills, as well as on the willingness to shell out at least 40 bucks a month for using the miracle of digital technology.

Very often, free services are enough to see the big picture and get the necessary data, but for more detailed audits it is almost impossible to do without paid tools.